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During the three-year project term of »ValiKom« (11/2015 - 10/2018), the project team has developed and trialled a standardised procedure with which vocational skills can be identified, assessed and certified. The skills are assessed in terms of a recognised (advanced) vocational qualification. If the validation procedure shows that the participant has all of the key skills required to carry out the reference occupation, he or she receives a certificate that documents equivalence with the occupation in question.

With the follow-up project "ValiKom Transfer" (11/2018 - 10/2024), further chamber locations are being set up at which validation procedures are to be carried out. In addition to chambers of skilled trades and chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of agriculture are also involved in the project. Thus, a nationwide offer is established so that people who are interested in the validation of their professional competences in dual professions can find a chamber as a responsible validation center within a reasonable distance.

The aim is to prepare and offer validation procedures for a total of 40 occupations in industry, trade, crafts and agriculture.